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Support and help

There are several places you can turn if you need advice, support, or help. This is a selection of organisations you can contact.

Is it an emergency?

In an emergency, always call the national emergency number, 112.

Provides targeted support and information for you under the age of 20 who is being abused in a relationship, is a friend of someone who is, or is the abuser. The chat is open every night between 20:00–22:00.


Unizon’s girls’ and youth shelters


Roks girls’ shelters

Supports and helps you who define as a girl or woman between ages 8 and 30. All who work at Roks girls’ shelters are girls and women. You can chat, email, or call anonymously. 


A website where you can find all girls’ shelters, trans shelters, boys’ shelters, and youth shelters. You as a child, young person, or young adult can chat with, email, or call them anonymously.


Killar is a support chat operated by the organisation MÄN and targets all who defines as male between ages 10 and 20. The chat is open Sunday through Thursday, 19:00–21:00.


Social Services in your municipality

The municipality has a legal obligation to protect all victims of crime and especially abused women and children, according to Chapter 5, Section 11 of the Social Services Act. You are entitled to receive help from the municipality regardless of the type of violence you are exposed to. This applies regardless of whether you have filed a police report, or whether the violence is serious enough in the eyes of the law that someone can be punished for it in a court of law. Contact information can be found on your municipality’s website. You can also visit the website Koll på soc, which provides information for children and young people on what type of support and protection you can get and how to contact Social Services in your municipality.

Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline (Kvinnofridslinjen)

Kvinnofridslinjen is a national helpline who offers support to those who experience violence and threats, physical, psychological and sexual violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call. The helpline is open around the clock and your call is free of charge. Your call will not show on the telephone bill. The staff is Swedish-speaking but can consult an interpreter when necessary. Please hold while the interpreter is being connected. It may take up to 15 minutes. Kvinnofridslinjen can only be accessed in Sweden.

Phone: +46 (0)20-50 50 50

Choose to stop (Välja att sluta)

Choose to stop is a confidential and anonymous helpline that is offering advice, information and support to help you stop being violent and abusive to your partner or ex-partner. The line is open Monday–Friday 8.30–16.00. The staff is Swedish-speaking but can consult interpreters when necessary. Simply ask for an interpreter when you call us.

Website: Choose to stop – VAS (
Phone: +46 (0)20-555 666


UMO is an online youth clinic for everyone between the ages of 13 and 25. Here, you can learn about the human body, sex, relationships, mental health, alcohol and drugs, self-esteem and much more. You can also find a clinic near you and ask a personal question.



A website with sections of UMO in several languages.



Bris is an organization for children and youth up to the age of 18. You can contact Bris and talk or chat to a counselor. Calling is free of charge and it’s not visible on the phone bill. Bris is open is open around the clock.

Phone: 116 111